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    Cool Best spare parts to have along for long rides?

    Hi guys,

    I have a 2002 TXI and a 2003 MSX-140. I plan on doing some long distance trips with these machines. I already know EMMs breakdown easily, working on having some programmed back-ups, what else is good to have along? Basically, I'm asking what goes wrong the most so I'm prepared! Obviously can only take so much with me on the skis!



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    You will be traveling with both machines riding together? That is an excellent primary defense against stranding.

    How far away from 'civilization' will you be riding?

    The main defense is thorough preparation, inspection and maintenance of the machines.

    For example I just found a main water hose that was rubbing on an engine mount. Worn almost 70% through, it looked just fine from above and even had the protective plastic sheathing. MSX 140 water line exit from thermostat.

    Further inspection revealed a small water line from the stator cover was rubbing on the oil pump cable. Also wearing into the hose rubber.

    Be sure to know how and where to clamp the water cooling hoses if you will need to tow either machine. The MSX 140 has a difficult to clamp main water hose feed with a tee buried under the battery foam. Carry hose pinch pliers/clamp or install a water shut off valve.

    Engine hours since last rebuild? As the hours stack up the chances of an internal engine failure increase. My own MSX 140 went from running perfectly to seized main bearing at about 180 hours while cruising at 4000RPM.

    Compression tests shortly before the bearing failure seemed normal, as did engine power and maximum throttle RPM on the water.

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