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Thread: Warm Up.

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    Warm Up.

    Is it normal to have to warm up a GP1200R before you can open it up? When I take my ski out to the lake and drop it in the water, it has no problem going wide open at first. After I have my fun, I usually park the ski on an island or shore and relax for a bit in my hammock. When I get back on my ski, I open the choke and start it. I troll for a minute and close the choke. When I give it gas it falls flat on its face as if the throttle is choking it. After a bit of throttle off and on, it seems like the ski warms up and its all good for play.

    My question is, is it typical to have to warm up the pony a bit after it sits? or does something smell a bit fishy? The reason I question it is because she fires right up and goes at first unload. I know I mentioned the issue before in a previous post, but after refreshing everything but the carbs, I want to narrow it down a bit more. I plan on having the carbs rebuilt for next season.

    Ski has:
    All new Power Valves
    New Plugs
    New fuel filter
    Riva intake filters
    Riva D plate
    Running Pre-Mix and some residual oil in the injection tank.

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    If u got the power filters you better have the carbs rejetted now. If done they may need cleaned

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude596 View Post
    If u got the power filters you better have the carbs rejetted now. If done they may need cleaned
    I bought the ski this way. The only thing I did was replace all the PV components, add plugs, and the fuel filter. I'm pretty new to carbs and 2 strokes, so I am kind of making sure it is not rider error and I just need to warm up the ski before riding. The carbs will get worked at the end of the season. I am hoping Bill has some spare time when that time comes. I know nothing of jetting carbs and the like. Thanks thatdude.

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    I find on my 1200pv motor I need the choke to start from cold, but I can push it back in immediately it's started. If I don't get it back in quickly, it's bogs badly due to the mix being way too rich. I don't need the choke again unless it stands for an hour or more. I always like to let any engine warm up a bit before giving it a shedload of throttle, and it also gives time for all components to get some oil coated on them before doing any real work. Cheers, Dave.

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    Thanks Dave. Advice from across the pond is always a plus. Making this ski with 200 hours on it survive this summer is my top priority.

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    after break try without choke.

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    Don't hammer on it until its warmed up a bit. I like to idle out of the no wake zone (takes about 45 seconds) then ride around for bit under 60% throttle just to get the gas and oil flowing and the engine warmed up a bit, then I ride however I want. And I tend to warm it up longer this time of year because the water is a little bit colder. Later in the summer I warm it up for a shorter time period.
    Even with this advise, I'm not sure if that really answers your question on whether you have a problem.

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    It's all good advice. I don't hammer on it out the gate so much as I make the point that I can. It's just the times when I cannot after it has been sitting for 10-30 minutes that bother me. We shall see.

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    cold start for the first time ill prime/choke it, using the rest of the day i never prime/choke it, it may hesitate till it warms up but fine afterwards.

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    i usually only need to choke mine the fist time i start it for the day. if its been sitting for an hour or more it will usually start. sometimes i get antsy and give it a smidge of throttle though and it starts right up. you should warm it up at first good though, some of us do 5+ minutes depending on water temp. you can hear the piston slap these motors give out till its warmed up a little

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