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Thread: power issue

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    power issue

    so a few weeks ago my ski just lost power and the gauge went crazy, so i was told to change the main relay. tried it and was great til about a hour after use and it just shut off but the gauge still had power. Im guessing the kill switch is bad. after about 2 min it started back up and was fine. it did this 3 times in about 3 hours of use.thinking loose connection somewhere or kill switch.

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    code 45

    so i keep getting a code 45 now. i mostly get it about 58mph when im about full throttle.

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    Here is code 45 on F/R12x, F15x

    • Loose or poorly connected wastegate control
    solenoid valve connector
    • Open or short circuit in the wastegate control
    solenoid valve wire
    • Faulty wastegate control solenoid valve
    • Loose or poor connection of the wastegate
    control solenoid valve hose
    • Clogged wastegate actuator pressure
    • Faulty wastegate actuator
    • Faulty TCP sensor

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