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    Thoughts before buying Seadoo PWC

    Hey guys! Been doing some reading around the forum. Lot of good information here. But has left me a bit scared of actually getting a seadoo as most of the threads are related to problems and issues with the pwc's. Are they really that fragile? What does the warranty cover? The other day I saw a RXT-X advertised for 1/3 the normal price with SC failure after 79h operation.

    Here in Norway they are getting more and more popular these days. PWC's have been illegal (still kinda are) but Seadoo are sort of OK since they are partly made in the EU.

    Anyway; At first I was looking for RXP 215, and mods I was planning on doing was to change the waterbox and/or get a thru-hull exhaust.
    Would I be better off getting a descent 255 from the start? Seems there were a few upgrades and changes?
    Only downside that I can tell from reading is that I cant install thru-hull exhaust unless first doing the intercooler upgrade

    Whatever model will be bought second hand. New ones are around 160.000NOK/26.500USD

    Thanks =)

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    I think the reason you see so many posts on here about skis with problems is because this is the place to come to figure out how to deal with it - BEFORE getting stroked at the stealerships.

    I own two seadoos that I bought in late 2011 and another in March of this year. Neither have given me a bit of problems, but I only have 18 hours on the older ski and 8 hours on the newer one. Still, I think they are like anything else that gets manufactured: some have issues but MOST don't. It's just bad luck to get a ski with problems.

    Now, talking about used skis (since that is what you are looking at), certainly you could be buying someone elses problems. But you take that risk when you buy a used car also. I honestly don't think there is more of a failure rate on seadoos than any other brand of ski.

    And $26,500 for a new ski is outrageous! You think I can get my used skis over there and sell them for $20,000/ea and come back with a nice profit??

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    Guess you're right.
    Trick is to be aware of the issues with each model before they cause massive trouble.

    Hehe don't get all excited. If I were to buy a seadoo from USA. I would first have to pay 25% tax on total value including shipping costs.
    On top of that taxes for each horsepower. Luckily only for the 119 or so hp in the pump house.
    Guess we may have higher salaries here, though. Everything is expensive compared to USA.

    But I'm starting to think I'm better off putting in the extra cash for the 255hp model. (?)
    Are there differences from 08-10 or are they all the same? 08-09 model RXPs are max $19.900. 05-07 from about $13.500 and up.

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