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    Ski for towing a wake board

    I just got into wake boarding this year and I'm hooked. Unfortunately, my brother's boat is 175 miles away and it's technically not legal to tow with my ZXI (it doesn't have an eye for towing anyways). My wife and I have been talking about getting a second ski for a while now, I think this time we're a little more serious.

    About how much power am I going to need to properly tow a wakeboard? I've been seeing fairly good deals on Kaw STX 1100 DIs, Kaw STX-R 1200s, and Yam XLT 1200s. I even saw a Kaw STX15 (?) 4-stroke a while back for a decent price. If I do decide to take the plunge and get a second ski, would these ones have enough motor to tow me on my wakeboard?

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    Buy the 15f and be happy
    That's what I originally bought my one for, reliable, plenty of grunt for towing and minimal fuel usage (compared to a supercharged ski). Maintenance costs are relativly low as well.

    Oh yeah, throw those straps away and give wakeskating a crack

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    I'll wait until wake boarding gets too easy before moving onto something more challenging.

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