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    Jetovator, where do I sign up!

    Hey guys, hope this is not a repost but if it is, oh well.

    Have you seen the Jetovator? Its wet jet bike you attach to any sitdown pwc so that you can fly around the lake. I have seen other developements for complete waterjet packs but this is the first one I have seen where you only have to purchase the bike and hose since they make adapters for any standard PWC.

    If the price isnt rediculously insane then I am going to buy one. Could be my next short lived adrenaline rush I need in my life.

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    That's awesome. I think I'd be more interested in the straight up jet pack version though.

    For $8,995 it's not the dumbest think I would have bought.

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    Visit for more information. We just did a demonstrations at IJSBA World Finals.

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    I like it. But I think for $9K I would want a longer hose.
    Oh, and great video on the website, but the music is kind of irritating.

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    I think it would be a nightmare to have them things flying around the lake.......its bad enough now keeping your head on a 360* swivel......with them around you will have to worry about above you .......

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    That cheap when you consider the jet lev is a $100,000

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