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    New to jet ski world Need HELPP!!

    alright well im new to all of this a relitive of mine gave me a 98 kawasaki zxi 1100 but it wasnt running. the last time it was ran was in 07 , ive taken it apart and cleaned it drained gas changed plugs took carb off and cleaned it good taken the electric box out and cleaned all the connections and used electirc grease in all the fittings, now the jet ski was flipped he last time it was rode and they couldbnt get it to start to just set it up, nothing since. im familiar with working on trucks atvs ect but not on jet skis. so ive done all that replaced the battery and it turns over but wiill not fire, its not even getting fire to the spark plugs , so im wondering if the igniter box is bad the stator is bad or the ecu is bad, i relize it could be numerous things and before i drop lots of money into it i was thinking it could possibly be something simple. any help would be apprciated because i dont know where to start thanks

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    compression test first.

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    thanks for the reply man i tested and they all tested around 120

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    in the ebox is a black wire with a yellow tracer that goes to the ignitor, disconnect and recheck for spark, dont try to start it with the wire disconnected cause you will not be able to turn if off IF it runs away !

    if spark then the ignitor is good, look at the key switck or the kill switch.

    if its spinning over good and no engine noises then get a oem manual.

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