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    Exclamation polaris sl650 help plz

    hi im a newbie here and i just buy a polaris sl650 1995 and i need help there ... i buy the ski and he run greate for 1 week .. but in a week end i go drop the ski at the boat drop zode and i forgot put the drain blug back the ski sink but not that much and now does not want star .. i check everything .. i got good fire -- i check the fuel pump and does not work propely so i put my polaris 800 (ski-doo)hight output fuel pump and star work ( recive gaz ) .. i change fuel filter .. change the plug and check the compresion ( #1 120 #2 120 #3 125 ) the old plug look like does not have enought gaz .. the ski start but i need to play with the choke .. start with the chock after couple turn release the choke .. the engine star but dont keep idling if i do this but keep play with the chock fast the ski run idle .. so wath is my probleme here .. the water does not touch the cdi box and there no water in the engine .. one more thing my gaz cap is crack is it a probleme for the presure inside the tank or doesent really mater for make the engine run plz i want make this old ski run ... sorry for my english im very bad but i make my best to explaint my probleme the best i can .. thank

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    did the carbs go under?

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