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    Exhaust Temp Alarms and the Riva IC

    I seem to be having all kinds of problems with this Riva IC and their shitty plastic piping. It is on a Riva stage 2 2005 RXP that has been sitting for the past 3-4 years. When we first got it and swapped out the SC bearings it sounded amazing and ran great for about 10 sec at wot, then it would throw an exhaust temp alarm. After reading about all of the problems with the Riva IC clogging up and blocking waterflow, I ran Prestone radiator cleaner through it for a few hours with a bilage pump and drilled out the restrictor washer to 10mm. It is now quieter at idle than it was before (assuming due to increased water flow through it at idle) but still throws a code when throwing the ski around. After that attempt I removed the IC and and brass fittings to look inside of the water core. There appeared to be blue-white calcium like deposits blocking some of the channels so I ran full strength CLR through it for a few hours then let it soak overnight. This seemed to clean most of that out but the next day I could still only hit 7400 RPM and I could feel the power dropping out occasionally at top speed.

    After removing the Riva IC, it seems like it uses the same core as the XS version, but has half of the water core blocked to make it a double pass. I'm thinking about just cutting the ends off of it, removing the divider and putting a fitting on either end of it to make it a single pass giving it double the flow area that it originally had. Has anyone done this before? We've also had issues with the plastic pipes blowing off, so I'm going to fab up some hardpipes and put a BOV on it since the previous owner had removed the stock one. All these damn problems are driving me crazy...

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    Just replace the I/C with a EBAY I/C and reuse the RIVA I/C bracket. Get new couplers and tubing from Silicone Intakes. You don't need a BOV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp1300r View Post
    Just replace the I/C with a EBAY I/C and reuse the RIVA I/C bracket. Get new couplers and tubing from Silicone Intakes. You don't need a BOV.

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    Damn, I didn't realize they were that cheap! Are you sure about the BOV? It sounds like the compressor is surging pretty badly when the throttle is snapped shut... I would think this would cause premature wear on the SC bearing/clutch assembly.

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    yes the bov is not necessary.

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