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In the days and months leading up to last week’s mass murder in Parkland, Florida, the American people did their job. They saw something and they said something — numerous times. Local and federal law enforcement were warned.

Again and again and again, bloody-red flags popped up around this monster.

Still, government balls were dropped, government ineptitude reigned, government bureaucracy stalled. Whatever the inexcusable and catastrophic reasons are, that does not matter.

What matters is this…

Seventeen innocent people died because they were unarmed and helpless, because their government failed at its primary job — to protect the life of its citizens.

Knowing these facts, Democrats and their media allies are still rabid to exploit this latest government failure as a means to provoke and promote even more government failures.

In the wake of Parkland, this is the left’s thought process:

1) Although there is no gun control law anyone can come up with that would have stopped a single one of these mass shootings, their solution is to…

2) Pass laws that make it even more difficult for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves against mass murderers, even though it has been proven time and again that the government cannot get to these schools before the killer has time to reload and reload again.

3) Continue to place our children in gun-free zones where they have no protection whatsoever.

4) Proudly and publicly advertise to the world that these gun-free zones are filled with sitting ducks — our children.

5) Tell us we cannot arm qualified teachers and school guards, even though dozens can be murdered before the police finally arrive.

This is madness. Especially in a world where the media is working overtime to give these mass murderers all the publicity they crave, which will only inspire more. With the government proving again and again that they cannot protect our children, with the obscene push to disarm us turning into a 24/7 propaganda crusade — if I had school-aged kids, I would be pulling them out of any gun-free environment to either home school them or place them in a private school that cares enough to offer adequate protection.

Most of all, though, the Parkland tragedy is a stark and heartbreaking reminder that only a fool depends on the government for anything, much less saving your life.

The lesson of Parkland is that every law-abiding American must arm themselves and learn how to safely use and store these firearms. Because even when the government does do its job, they are going to arrive after it is too late. How many children have to die before we decide to adequately protect them?

All by design. That is more disturbing than anything.