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    stx 1100 rebuild help

    I'm rebuilding a 997 stx 1100. I have the motor pulled, removed the head and cylinder. #2 piston is fried, I dont know if it overheated or if the oil pump went out. The cylinder is scored and the top of the piston is beat the hell up rings are melted to. There is alot of metal shavings in the #2 exhaust port. I have a questions about the crank. I pretty sure I'm going to have rebuild the bottom end also. Can I just replace the crank and rod bearings or do I have to rebuild the crank? Where is the line at between crank rebuild and only replacing the bearings?

    My other question is about the water ports/jacket in the motor. How do I make sure they are all free and clear? Do I just use compressed air/water to blew thru all the ports? And maybe find something to run thru them like a coat hanger? I want to make absolutely sure they are all clean.


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    The oil pumps don't fail. The hoses do come off or split when they get old.

    If the hose didn't fall off, the carb is probably plugged up and it ran lean.

    Pull the cylinder block off and spin the crank. If you see/feel any roughness, you'll probably have to get it overhauled. You can't replace just the bearings or the rods, the entire thing is pressed together.

    You can use compressed air to blow out the ports. Make sure the hose from the pump is clear, too. There is a plate on the front cover under the oil pump. Under the plate is a water passage to cool the stator. Make sure that's clear, as well.

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    pics ?

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