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    Need Help again 2003 MSX 140 problems

    I have 2 polaris 2003 msx140's one never has a problem and the other has enough for both. about a year and a half ago the problem child started stalling 3 or 4 times per day but ran awesome in between the stalls. Last year at Lake Powell it ran flawless without any stalls. Last week we went out and it ran flawless for 2 days then stalled and had a hard time getting started again. Once started it was running poor. Top speed was about 35 mph and it sounded different. Nothing in the intake. I pulled plugs they all looked great put new ones in but no difference. It starts up everytime but just isn't running good. Any ideas where to start? It has about 110 hours on it.


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    check fuel pressure and correct spark plugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by rr44red View Post
    check fuel pressure and correct spark plugs
    I would be installing a new TPS as the next step.

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