Black jet ski. I took it to the lake today only the 2nd time iv been on them. Just bought them a last week. Today started right up. I putted around slow for about 8 mins to let it warm up. Then half throttle for a few mins. Still no check engine light or anything. Running fine.
so once i figured its warm enough i hit the gas. SKi stands up taking off them VMMMMM it slows back down to 4800rpm check engine and red light is on. Turn it off for a few seconds check engine light is off. Coast around for a few mins. Then i try to take off VMMMMM same thing back to 4800rpm. This time i heard the waste gate releasing pressure. So i turned it off again and repeated the above this time paying more attention to the Turbo bar. When i hit the throttle the turbo was going straight to max seemed to be over boosting. So i turned it off once again this time i watched the turbo bar i didnt just hit the gas i made sure the turbo was not going to max and it worked great up to 7000 rpm no problem. made a few short laps around the dock like this. Then VMMMMM now cant go over 1800 rpm WTH now check engine light on again. turned it off and on started to move a bit and once again back to 1800rpm. so i took it in for the day. The problem is i rode this jet ski about 4 days ago and it ran fine no problems at all. Now i bought it i have problems

OK if your still with me I like to ask about my red one. The air/oil separator is leaking out out the hole thats in it. I know the oil is post to go out the bottom back to the engine sump but doesn't seem to be working that great. Im not sure if the engine has ever been over filled just got it a few days ago. Yes after you ride it for a bit and go to about idle it smokes pretty bad. I pulled the line between the turbo and the air box it had some oil in there. Is the oil sump post to be sucking the oil from the air/oil separator???? is there a way to test it?? can the separators go bad? other then smoke it runs fine. no stalling, no cut backs, just fine. today all i could get it up to was 6900rpms

What RPM's should we be running at at WOT???

whats your opinion on the oil/ ring release you pour on the pistons to let it soak over night to help loosen the rings ??

What sensors should i clean???What all should i clean if it was over filled with oil?

Thanks for all input and spending the time reading this. I know its alot Im just desperate right now as i want to ride my new toys