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    Ultra 150 fuel problem?

    99 ultra 150 ran great yesterday until it started bogging out and wouldn't go above like 25 mph. Out of no where it kicked over and started running great again. Later i noticed the drain plugs were out and the hull filled up with a little bit of water than it wouldnt start. I pulled the plugs and crank and there is no water in the cylinders. I cleaned the plugs and sprayed some starting fluid and it fired right up but it will not stay running.

    It has about half a tank of old gas (probably about a year old?)

    I was going to try and drain the tank because of old gas and maybe moisture in the tank? And get a new fuel filter for it.

    Any other reasons why it starts up but will not stay running? Fuel starved?

    Thanks guy.

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    check the pump if the ski has more then 100 hours on it. search for a few threads on this kind of problem for other sage advice.

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    ebox wet inside ?

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