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Thread: gtx 951 limited

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    gtx 951 limited

    ok so i think i need to clean the carbs. how difficult is this and does anyone have a guide. i have read the shop manual and see nothing specific on 951 carb removal. i have found the 4 mounting bolts. any help would really be appreciated. a local guy will do it for 150 but i would like to learn myself. how tough a job is this

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    Thank you I appreciate it. I am looking how to take it off the machine. Any way to keep the throttle and choke in place so I don't have I re adjust them. How I get the cables off and on etc.

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    the carbs are held on by 4 socket head bolts.. the cables come off by loosening the lower nuts and they slip right out of the lever..

    Honestly if you are asking these questions already - you are in over your head and you surely need a service manual -

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    150 is a deal. Throw him $100 to watch it being done. Not a job I would suggest for a newbie.

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    Will do yes I figured I should ask these questions before I go and take it apart and have a problem.
    Valuable inputs appreciated thank you
    I have torn down Harley's and other engines just this is new to me I wanted to be prepared. Thanks

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