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    My engine has a surge at 5000 drops 100 rpm and comes back

    RXP 215, Any help would be good

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHAWN CRYER View Post
    RXP 215, Any help would be good
    Any other issues in the rpm spectrum of the same type? Does it only do this at 5k?

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    A little not as bad

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    Mine does the same thing once and a while not sure what RPM never watched it that close. Seems so minute figured maybe its normal?

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    At 5000 rpm i notice it on smothe water. I think it may be normal to

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    Both of mine have some noticeable surge when going slow, like putting through a channel at 5-10mph, It seems to around a 100rpm surge and is fairly consistent as far as happening at just off idle throttle positions, mine clears up when the ski starts to get on step.

    I consider it normal, not sure what others think

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