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    Fx 140 Speedometer Problems

    I have 2 2005 FX140's and just installed Solas impellars and pump pack kits on each of them. A couple of the stainless steel screws that hold the speed sensor to the ride plate were stuck and I had to drill the heads off on each of the ride plates. I used a tap to clean up the holes in the rideplate and purchased some replacement SS screws from Home Depot. After reinstalling everything (much better holeshot and slightly faster with the solas impeller and pump pack kit) neither of my speedometers work properly, they read all over the place, where prior to doing this work they read a steady speed which was 2 - 3 mph above my gps. Anyone have any idea what may have happened to them? I am wondering if vibration from drilling or magnetism from the screwdrivers I used or maybe there was something special about the screws that I replaced, really curious as to what messed up both of them. I have bought a replacement speed sensor but have not installed it yet.
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    I am suprised no one else has ran into this problem.

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