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    D.E.S.S. Post

    I have a 2007 Sea Doo GTI SE. I have diagnosed the D.E.S.S. post is bad. In taking the lower panel off I removed the 3 screws but it seems to be fastened to the upper panel also. I don't won't to break anything.... What else do I need to do to remove the lower panel... I also removed the set screws under the hand grip covers and slid the hand grips outward...

    Thanks Jerry

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    Jerry,if I remember correct the two panels have some clips holding together.Check at the point where the two panels meet each other,there will be some little holes.Take a small screwdriver and put it in each hole.Push in and the it get uncliped!I willpost pics if I can find some!

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    mitsakosgt, Thanks so much for the help. You were exactly right about how the halves came apart. I had tried but never thought about the holes in the sides....
    Thanks again, Jerry

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