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    Question 97 GP1200. With Triple 1100 engine RUNNING ISSUE HELP

    I put in a 95 Triple1100 engine in a 97 GP 1200 seem to run ok but had a little bogging down sometimes which seemed like it was starving for gas?
    Now this year seems to have no power in the water cannot get any RPM to move past 5 miles an hour could this be something with the electrical or timing?
    Is the electrical system between 96 and 97 not comparable
    It starts up good and On the trailer I can get it to rev up?

    Any advice appreciated


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    Compression check?

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    Just checked Compression is 95 psi for all 3 cylinders?

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    Thats low. Low compression equal low power. But all three are even so maybe your gauge is a little off. Try another gauge if you can.

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    Triple1100 engine in a 97 GP 1200 seem to run ok but had a little bogging down sometimes

    Seemed to run ok when ?
    In the 96 1100 or in the 97 GP1200.

    Bogging could be fuel filters/cloged.

    You would want to run either the 1100 ignition inc flywheel or run the 1200 ignition inc the flywheel.1200 is better so use that.(same with the carbs 1200 is better.)
    You can modify a 1100 flywheel for a 1200 but flywheels are easy to come by so why bother.

    I would test compresion just to make sure thats good then do a leak down test to eliminate an air leak.If you pass both those tests its something minor and should be easy to fix.

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    I did replace the flywheel and stator with one from a 63 u same as engine .... Now Changing the fuel primer hose to be on return line was going to filter and main line which I hope helps.
    The engine with 95 psi concerns me since it's all new below the head I did have crank case presure checked and was good,
    Carb set up is off a 1200 and were like new.. I am thinking of changing heads I have a Pro Tech that will increase compression ?
    For checking for carb fuel presure qIs there pop off test to check?

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