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    sponson placement effecting visibility spout?

    hey guys. im new to the forum and new to PWC ownership. i bought my first ski 2 weeks ago (03 gp1300r with 34 hours). after ridding it the first time i decided to move the sponsons to the down position on the rear of the ski. the next time i took it out i noticed the visibility spout (roostertail) was only spraying about 2 ft high. i took the hose off and checked for blockage but didnt see anything. then i checked the jet pump housing area and impeler for any debris but again nothing. i didn't notice any loss in power or response. i just like the spray. i was wondering (and this may be a stupid question) but could the sponson placement be effecting roostertail? could the sponsons being lower on the hull be keeping the intake grate from sitting deep enough in the water? thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The straight answer is no, one does not effect the other.

    The pressure generated to create the thrust at the exit nozzle is the same pressure/water source that makes the rooster tail. As you increase your speed (pump pressure), the rooster tail should get taller. At idle when there is no significant pressure generated the water should barely come out. There has to be an obstruction. Did you check the through - hull fitting where the water exits?

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    i did. i blew out the hose,the whole in the floor board, and both fitting where the hose attaches and still nothing. i guess whatever was blocking it could have rattled loose on the trailer ride back toy house. i havent put it back in the water since last weekend so im not completely sure. i just wasnt sure if there could have been another issur

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    Just take the hose out and forget the visibility spout is even there. It soaks you with a tail wind in no wake zones. It also makes you an easy target for marine police and Coast Guard to pull you over and say you are going too fast and throwing a wake when you are running against a strong current.

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    i agree with almost, first thing i did on my vxr.

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