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    2010 FZS SHO Break in and further maintenance

    Hey guys purchased a 2010 FZS two Saturdays ago. This is my first 4 stroke and watercraft with this few hrs. It had 18 hrs on the clock and it didn't come with any manual or info on breaking in. Before leaving ski was made lake ready. I have put 8 hrs on it in the past 2 weekends. Whats the usual break in time on these and recommended amount of hours I can run before an oil change? If you could give me any advice about 4 strokes and maintaining an engine, what would it be? Just want to make sure I do everything I can to prolong the life of the ski.

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    Is this the grate that helps with the bucking issue ?

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    You are already well past the break in period. If you don't know the history, why not change the oil for a fresh start. You probably will also get more answers in the 4 stroke performance forum section as there is more activity in that area.

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