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    Been out of the pwc game for about ten years

    How long should a tank of gas last in my 2008 rxp under hard riding if I was to ride non stop.

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    If you could hold it WOT the whole time, you could blow thru a 16 gal tank in just over 1 hour...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbristo1 View Post
    Btw the last ski I had was a 94 spx. Lol the fastest ski I've ever been on was a 97 xp. How does the rxp 215 conpare
    The RXP is heavier obviously but it feels light and more nimble compared to the bigger and bigger skis being produced these days... Plus, is has the extra power to push the extra weight around. It will top out in the high 60's, most likely 67-69 MPH and will jump right out of the water if you trim up. I think your new RXP will be exciting to experience considering the switch from your last ski and the 10 year break from the sport!

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    If you have a service manual is show that towards the back in the specs.

    A 06 RTX 215 will run 53 min and Wide open per tank of fuel.
    thats 15.9 gallons of premium fuel!

    40 min till the reserve 13 min more till empty

    Or 18.2 Gallons per minutes!

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