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Thread: Slow GPS speed

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    Slow GPS speed

    Just wanted to get some input.....I went out the other day on a fairly flat/smooth lake wanting to gps my ski. Now I forgot to grab my car (Garmin) gps unit, so I downloaded a highly rated app for my android phone. Now my ski has the following modifications.....r&d scom, r&d cool air kit, r&d wastegate block off plate. I am running high test fuel with startron fuel stablizer, not race fuel or anything. Top gps speed as indicated on my phone was 70.0 flat. It seems a little slow to me, could the app be messed up or is this speed about right?

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    It could be either. The best thing to do would be to not worry about it until you have a chance to actually GPS the ski.

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    get areal gps

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    Yes, the android GPS doesn't seem to record an accurate speed on the water. I did the same. My Android recorded 70.8 mph where my real GPS recorded 73.3 on the same run. I'm not sure why the phone GPS does this?? It seems ok in the car though (both GPS's are the same). Weird.

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    Ok will do thanks for the responses

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