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Thread: click noise ?

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    click noise ?

    2007 RXT clicks somethings when trying to start it up. Does anyone know what this is, and how to check it ? I had a 12vt low voltage warning. Changed the voltage reg. Still got p0562 code. Put new AGM battery in Aug 2011, had that tested at Auto zone. Said it was good. Is this the starter solinoid ? It takes 4 or 5 times before it will start up.
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    It's your starter silonoid. It's a common thing that goes out. Easy to change and costs around 40$ for the part.
    Follow the positive power line from your battery to the circuit board. There are 2 small bolts holding it on.

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    +1 just did mine same problem.....S.S.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the help. But the ski would not start july 4th. Soo I brought it to the dealer. They put in relay and battery for a low price of $539.00. Yes $539.00.
    Got it back and it still has code po562 and low voltage and the beep. I Brought ski back to dealer.
    They told me the battery had 7.5v.
    I told them that the battery is less then 1 year old, Auto Zone AGM for $85.00. I load tested June 2012 at pep boys with test results of rated 400 cca, measured 587cca. voltage 12.72, 1:25 hr test, 23.4 amp hrs.
    I put in a voltage regulator $170.99 from 4-Tec Performance in May 2012. I said maybe a bad ground or stator.
    Now they told me it needed a stator $900.00 and while the engine is out should change the carbon ring and bellows $350.00 more.

    Still havent paid the $539.00. I think the battery volts are low because of the charging problem, not the battery. I also think the relay went bad because of the low voltage in the battery. I think the dealer did not check the code and replaced the relay and battery with out testing why they where bad. So the dealer said I can take it now for $600.00. and just change out batteries and do stator repair in fall if i would like.

    Can anyone help me with testing the sator? I just don't believe the dealer.
    Can anyone help me with testing the voltage reg. to see if its good.
    I am going to have my battery tested again.

    Can anyone give me some good advise. I feel soooooooo ripped off.
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