Hey all, refer to my newbie post for other details. Picked up a good engine and installed with all recommended updates, fuel, carb, etc.
Went through the pump, new bearings, seals, grease, even had a buddy make an alignment tool.
Could not have pulled this off with out all the info from this site.

So had it out last week, to tune carbs, once again with info from this site in hand. Idle is so pose to be around 1100 rpm, but idles
sum where around 2100 by the tiny tach I have. It seems to be a smooth idle, and starts OK. Did a plug check, all plugs had a nice
brown color.
I wanted to check the wash so I pulled the heads, no wash. Only ran it for .3 hrs. Not long enough?

Well I just put it back together, with new head gaskets from SBT, they are steel unlike the original steel-rubber gasket.
On a hunch I put the garden hose on and run water through the engine to check for leaks. All three had water drips.
I torqued them to 18 fp ?? Motor starts, should I run a heat cycle trough it and re-torque?

ANY input would be appreciated.