I just wanted to share this info with you all for sourcing Polaris parts. He has quite a bit of everything you may need. He will order gaskets, upper end kits, he will build your motor if you like, he has a few polaris's in the back--(not too many anymore). He got rid of some and took all the parts off them. He knows all about Polaris skis in general. 20 years worth. He is a good guy to work with and he has fair prices.

He has MFDS and all sorts of goodies laying around like Clean electrical boards no rust, cdi boxes with all the wires on them, regulators and a bunch more. His wall is like 30 feet across with all Polaris parts on it!. Try it out if your looking for something. Worth a try. It has worked for me.

I got an R and D intake grate for 40.00!!!! pitot tube ( thrown in for free), and reed gaskets( 8.00) for 6 of them. just today.. He will ship it anywhere too.

Heres the number >>>> 586-716-5294 Fax.586-716-5389

Address is -35574 23 mile rd. New Baltimore, Michigan 48047

Just ordered piston pins, rings and gasket kit for the slx too.