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    Talking 97 yamaha venture 1100cc need help

    i got a 97 yamaha venture 1100cc ski ran great till it threw a rod. took the head off the motor and cylinder 2 aka center piston was broke and gone crank is locked up and you can see the bottom of the ski theres a hole in the bottom of the block and i have no clue where to start.

    do i buy
    a rotating motor from sbt and hope the damage did not effect the carbs or the exhaust so i can re use thoes parts?

    buy a ski from a friend for 300 bucks that has a great block but no compression on the front piston?

    buy a block and build a motor?

    so many things to think about.....

    but the main question is what cause the center pistion to go? are these motors bad about oil starvation? is there anything i need to know now and be ready to look for in the furture before i blow up the other yamaha 1100

    just a few other questions if i do go and build a motor-

    whats pop off pressure for the carbs?
    how do i test the fuel pump?
    whats high speed setting?
    whats low speed setting?
    what should it be idling at rmp wise?
    stock whats this motor post to run about mph wise?

    thank you for all your help

    please let me know what you have as in parts or if you have a motor laying around and what your asking for i'm in dallas texas 75067
    new to the yamaha i have lots of polaris old school parts maybe we can trade if not i got cash

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    Wow that's a lot of questions in one post lol. I'll try to help ya. First off I'm
    Guessing your ski still had oil injection, right? Or do u have to premix the gas ? When was last time u rebuilt the carbs? I'm guessing u never have since u asked a bunch of questions about high speed low speed etc.

    K first things first. U are gonna keep your carbs and exhaust. I don't think any will take your block because the hole in it so buy the block from your friend and either rebuild it or send it to sbt. I personally would send the crank to be tried and welded and send cylinders out to get honed or bored if needed and get all new pistons. New carb kid and meddle and seats and have a brand new motor that's done right. U should also get new fuel lined and get rid of the oil injection and run premix. Any questions on who to use private message me please so I don't upset anyone and be fair to everyone who's in the business. Good luck and hope this helps

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    it still has the oil pump installed i bought 2 skis the venture and the rader the rader runs great no problems there both 97's the venture on the other hand the problem ski i took it out ran just fine on the test ride before i bought them and took them home waited for my next day off went out and it only ran 25mph and ran 58 on the test run only 4 days before by the time i got it back to the trailer i went to start it and clear out the pump and the exhaust and it wont turn over sounded like a starter for giggles i pulled the head and piston to is in parts and the crank wont turn and i can see the bottom of the ski...... the more i read on here and ask questions in one post it says to replace oil lines every year and i am guessing these was never replaced and one poped off and thats what went wrong and trashed the motor i dont want to go to premix since its a family ski but the ski i built from the ground up a 94 650 polaris with a 780 monster motor in it was built for myself was premix and this is the frist i've had with the yamaha a very different kind of beast and just trying to learn this machince now........ the 1st ower says he took care of both of them very good every year new filters and plugs some fuel additves to start ever summer off and fogged them in the winter run the gas out of the carbs before putting them up every winter wax the bottom of the ski just took really good care of them but i dont think he replaced the oil lines and thats waht i';m starting to think went wrong.

    1st i need to build a motor for the venture or buy a motor or what ever need to be running

    2nd what do i need to do to the radar so this motor wont blow- replace oil line or all the lines and the gauge or tach is cracked where do i find another one of thoes at?

    3rd what is known problems with these skis? or better yet what problems are known for this 1100cc motors?

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    You don't need to replace the oil lines every year. What you need to do is secured them so they don't fall off and inspect them regularly. Here's a post on securing them with crimp clamps:
    I think the 1100s have an external fuel pump that eventually fail.

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    thank you that link helped alot.... is there any other problems i should be on the look out for when i go back together with the new motor ?

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    can i up grade the fuel pump the the triple out put mukin fuel pump like you do n the polairs?

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