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    Question Newbie Asking a Quick Question

    Hi All,

    I am new here and hoping to get started in on a new project. I am working on a 1996 GTI and the foot mats are all ripped and coming off. What is the best way to remove them. Does anybody have any tricks to get them up easily and get all the goo off?

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    If it has the OEM ones you will need a small drill to take out the rivets and remove the mats. Usually there will be not too mucho dirt under. Now if it has the hydro turf ones it can take a litlle more effort and some glue remover (down here we use thiner or gas to remove them. ) it will take a wile but if not where is the fun of it??

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    Thanks Andino... I will try it with a little bit of gas or thinner. It is the hydro turf ones that I need to pull up, so it is gonna take a bit of work.

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    They just take time, patients and a lot of elbow greece.

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