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    Coolant change RXT

    Just changed the coolant on my 06 Rxt while doing all the other maintenance crap(0il, plugs and getting rid of the ceramic washers in the S/C) Anyway I decided to change out those cheap clamps on the coolant lines going to the rideplate. After losing a bunch of coolant removing the old ones I decided to completely drain and refill. Pulled the plug and lifted the ski up in front until it was all out. Refilled the system letting it drain out the back for a bit before putting the plug back in. Filled the reservoir halfway between the min and max marks. Rode it for about two hours yesterday with no issues except when I got home it was 3/4 below the min mark. Is it normal to have to have to top it off after riding the first time? I'm only asking because it's my first change. Ski has 60 hours. Thanks guys

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    Yep it is fine.Fill it right below the max line and you will be ready to run!

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    Yeah, shouldn't be an issue. Just an air pocket in the system. Fill it up again and you should be good after that. If it keeps dropping down, you may have a leak somewhere, but I doubt it. No coolant in the hull or on the floor (under the rideplate)?

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    Kind of what I was thinking. Kind of new to the closed loop cooling and wanted the expert opinion. Never had an issue with it before I drained it. The ski runs great and I checked to verify there's no coolant in the bilge or under the ski. There was none either place

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