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    Newbie after some advice 2005 RXT

    hi guys hopefully picking up an RXT 2005 at the weekend that has had some modifications.

    Can you have a look at the mods and let me know if there good ones and also is there anything i should be looking for in particular this is my first ski and only ridden one a couple of times before.

    • Original OEM 255HP Whole Supercharger Fitted (From the RXPX/RXTX) (not just a cheap wheel into the 215 housing)
    • Riva Racing Supercharger Clutch washers fitted
    • Bigger Injectors uprated to 42lB
    • 2 X Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulators BEGI to get Air/Fuel mix spot on throughout Rev range
    • Walbro Fuel pump fitted
    • Full UMI Steering system including Finger throttle
    • Dropped original sponsons by 23mm to give ultimate cornering handling (better than the riva ones i had fitted)
    • I did have an external intercooler fitted to give another 1PSI boost but i took this off as the the throttle response is better (still have this included in sale)
    • Tuned stainless SOLAS prop fitted
    • Riva racing blockoffs fitted
    • Riva Straight Through exhaust pipe
    • Custom made Waterbox exhaust shortened and baffles removed (enhances performance and sounds amazing!
    • 4" Air intake with supercharger adapter (which is better than the Riva Racing 3")
    • Boost / Fuel pressure gauge fitted
    Cheers guys

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    I dont sea an AF gauge listed and he is F.O.S. about the external intercooler. Also the x-charger an injectors dont automatically bump you up to 255hp.

    Just be smart about it. Look for things that are rigged up and for god sake do a compression check. This thing is being talked up pretty hard. Sounds like a shady used car salesman. Its probably been rode hard and put away wet...

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