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    15F 2 muffler system vs single

    Has anyone found out if the 04-08 2 muffler system performs better or worse or the same as the 09 & up single setup. Also does anyone here have a picture of a secondary muffler they cut open to see what is inside? I noticed a picture of the primary muffler cut open that is only has a 1 3/4 hole in the baffle, but a 2 1/4 outlet vs the 09 & up which has a 1 3/4 outlet, but no idea what the inside baffle has for a hole, if its the same is that what keeps the single system as quiet as the double? The only advantage I can see to the larger outlet on the primary is if when the muffler is full of water it could initially push it out faster on take off.

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    the real restriction (if you can call it that) is at the end of the header, its only 1-3/4 or 2 inches I wouldn't worry about it.


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