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    codes read on 2003 msx 140

    i have been reading forum for a short time. It was recommended i get the codes from my ski. My question is, Can the codes be read and if so where is the plug located.

    I have seen where 447 made a code reader but that is way to advanced for me.

    Also,when the ski shuts down will it show a code on the instrument panel that I can take to the tech that will help him locate the problem.

    And finally, because the ski runs great until it heats up ( about 20 minutes) is there any way I can get it to that temp if not in the water. (Hose?)

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    Find a local electronics repair guy that actually fixes things and knows how to use a soldering iron.

    The tech should be able to put that simple LED tester together for you in short order once you show him the instructions.

    There is no way to see the EMM trouble codes on the MFI or NGI display. I wish there was.

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