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    1996 SLTX will not start and other issues

    Hello - I am having a helava time trying to get my 1050 going. I did the ignition upgrade but when I reconnected the battery, the bilge pump ran continuously?? I didn't think that was right so I disconnected the jumper and wired it up the old factory way. With that done, it has no spark at all when cranking! Also the red light is flashing on the MFD all the time when the battery is connected?? Did the updated Stator, CDI and coil last year. Anyone have suggestions? Thanx, Ross

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    Double check everything in the electrical box. Something is plugged in to the wrong terminal.

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    You might want to unplug the MFD and plug it back in after battery is hooked up.

    I have an MFD with non working button since I accidently bounced the wire off the battery, some others had similar experience too.

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    double and triple ......have some close pics, not sure how to post them. Thx

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    tried that also and still nothing. The flashing red did go out when the MFD went to sleep and started flashing as soon as I woke it up.??

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    Let it sleep in longer, always works for my family.. Just kidding, is the MFD giving you any reading or errors? Such as LowPr or anything?

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    MFD says 00 mph, 00 dist, 90.5 hours, and 12.2 volts.....and the flashing red!
    yea, I wish i could sleep longer too, gettin old...have to get up to p. haha

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    Press the Mode button. Does it show any messages?

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    no messages with pressing the SET except it alternates between time, fuel, hours, etc. I pressed the SET button and the red light disappeared.

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    woke the MFD up again and this time the red light started flashing and it said FUEL on the display??

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