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    787 engine reliabliity

    High, New to the forum and new to Seadoo.
    My question is, How reliable is the seadoo 787 "782 cc"?
    What are the pros and cons of the engine and what if any mods to make it reliable?
    I just bought a 1997 challenger with a new SBT Reman installed.
    Thanks any info would be great.

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    OEM 787s are good reliable motors as long as the fuel system is clean and it gets oil. However Sbts have a bad reputation for reliability.

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    787's are pretty bullet proof. Just have to maintain them like Anything else. Personally, I wouldn't do much to it. 787's are built to preform close to its full potential in its current state. If you still feel the need to do something. You can do high a compression head and some flame arresters a rejet kit and a prop And nozzle kit. What ever you do don't add a pipe Or carbs. Just asking for trouble IMO

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    use GOOD quality 2 stroke oil, not any generic outboard oil. Use good gas and if the boat has gray fuel lines ( most don't) have them replaced as soon as practical. While some say it's overkill on a seadoo baot, I would be using sythetic oil as the engine will be running under a large load most of the time.

    have your jetpump oil changed ( just to be sure you are good there)

    be careful with your new boat..make sure your lanyard is attached to the drivers's pretty easy to gt tossed out of the boat if you hot-dog it.

    run the blowers for a few minutes before starting as a not to be broken rule

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