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    Looking for a New ski

    hey guys. first time getting on the water since I was in my teens, but a brief experience at a dealer as a tech has put the itch in me. Im looking at sea-doo's crafts and I'm having a hard time basically distinguishing what is for what. Im looking for a machine that i can tow with (wake pro 215) but then i also want something thats fast (rxt 260is) but also want something i can do the Florida to Bahama run on with the wife (gtx limited is 260) ... .sooo.. I'm confused. i really don't even know what to buy. first and foremost is having a machine that the family can enjoy with a tube behind, but second on my list is performance and handling. With my back ground, Horsepower isnt going to be a problem... so then, on top of all that, I'm leaning towards maybe going with a kawi or yamaha simple for the extra engine displacement, and the experience i have with tuning Japanese sport bike ECU's. (im not even sure that you can hack the ecu;s like the sport bikes but i figured the jap models would be easiest since its already been done on their bikes, and im pretty tight with the group that did the hacking) All that considered, I still think the seadoo is the best unit (and def best looking) so right now Im leaning mostly towards the RXT-260is and maybe putting a motec on it if i have to. but can i tow with it? or would i be better off just waiting till the next year model and see if the hulls get changed to the T3 or any other new variation.. i really want the x package but Im diggin the Orange burst paint. and tired of seeing black and yellow...

    sorry to ramble. just really confused. lol any suggestions.

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    i should also add that ultimately i dont really care about topping out more than 75 or so.. i would be changing the impeller so that I could pull a house down and then add more horses to get it back up top. ill be spending most of the time in cruise mode but when i want the speed, i want it to be there.

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    You can pull a tube with any of the 215 or 260 skis. I bought my ski brand new and didn't start modding it until 2 years ago. When it was stock(other than intake grate and 14/19 prop) I could pull a wake boarder up all day long. Any of these skis have power...

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    and what about the tube pulling the back of the ski around? adjustable sponsons?? (spelling? lol)

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    I used my 08 rxt 215 for wakeboarding a lot the last few years. I had a lot of power and it towed fine. Don't worry about the back of the ski getting thrown around. Any supercharged 3 seater sea doo will do the job well.

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    ok sounds good. i think that narrows me down to the rxt 260is, the yamaha FZS and yamaha FX Cruiser..

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    i towed a tube just fine with my 2 seater

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    i towed a five person hotdog tube with my RXT 215 many times. I also did all sort of skiing behind it without any effort at all. I pick up my new RXT-X 260 tomorrow..... this in my opinion is the ultimate in multi person, family, styling and high performance water craft!!

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