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    01 GP1200 Got Rid of Fuel Selector Switch - Fuel Tank Pressure Worries

    So I got rid of the fuel selector switch and put in a primer. The primer comes from reserve on the sending unit and the fuel "on" goes directly to the carbs. In this scenario I have no way to turn off the fuel. My ski sits on a moooring most of the time and bakes in the sun pretty good. Should I be worried about the the gas tank building pressure in the heat and filling the motor with gas? I blew up my 97 XP one time because I had the ski on it's side while doing some fiberglass work with the gas on and sitting in the sun. The engine filled with gas and popped next time I took it out! Thanks in advance!!!

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    Buy a 1/4 inline petcock off of ebay for $5. Good to go

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    Be sure whatever petcock or valve you get is "full-flow", meaning it is full size al the way thru it. Many cheaper ones neck down on the inside, and as we all know, lack of full fuel flow on a 2 stroke is a costly problem.

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    Thanks very much for the input guys. I will start looking around for a full flow petcock.

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