1998 GP1200

New inline fuel filter, new spark plugs(br8hs), compression test: M:120 psi, C:120psi, P:121psi.

This scenario is all while running on the hose. I had a previous post of having runoff with a little throttle from idle. I was testing it without the complete stock air silencer so I could actually reach the LSS needles. I didn't touch the HSS needles but my situation is seeming like I might need to. Now, with the entire stock air silencer assembled, the machine will idle fine and I can bounce the throttle to about 5000 and it will return to idle. Then if I gun it, it will shoot to about 5800rpm and then bog, which then lead to a runoff of 1 sec which i stopped with slamming the throttle and stop switch at same time. Am I right in thinking I have a lean situation within the high speed realm? I changed the o-rings on the low speed side and everything seems to be fine for low-mid throttle but I'm wondering if I should just put the old o-rings on the LSS needles and see what happens, could the LSS affect the HSS? Being that I have good compression across all three cylinders, it really limits the lean/rich issue to be within the carbs, right? I know I should just get this thing down in the water for testing but my main waterway is a river and well, tuning on a river and/or tying up the boat ramp for tuning while it's on the trailer sounds like a ball of fun.

If I end up rebuilding/revamping the carbs and fuel system/lines, what are people using for fuel lines other than buying from the dealer? I bought the yellow Tygon tubing for the oil injection system, could I get the same type but larger ID for the gas lines?

Thank you,