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    1998 1100 stx oil pump question

    my first post i know and i looked for quite awhile here and other sites but never found an answer. so i just got done replacing my bendix and lined up the slot on the stator cover for the oil pump with the slot on the flywheel bolt. i assume it went in right but is there any way to tell that it is in the groove for sure? i dont want to take the ski out and sieze the motor because of no oil right after i got it going again? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    i dont know if running maybe a tank of premix at 40:1 to see if the oil level goes down at all during that tank would be the best bet but that seems to be the only fool proof way i can think of. although i would rather not run it that rich if the oil pump is working after all. what is the capacity on the fuel tanks on these if i end up doing that?

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    Welcome aboard, bmxican!

    I don't think it would bolt up right if the key wasn't aligned with the slot, but I suppose you could force it by tightening the screws.

    I'd pull the pump off, stick your finger in and feel the slot, then align the key and slide it in. You should be able to tell if it's not in right.

    When you had the cover off, did you happen to check the cooling water passage? It's under the plate where the oil pump mounts. I've found a couple that were completely plugged. You can remove one of the hoses and blow through it to check for blockage.

    Also, it's a really good idea to replace those oil lines with polyurethane hose and secure them with stainless steel safety wire. The original hoses will get brittle with age and crack.

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    you dont have a manual do you ?

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    i dont really want to pull it back apart but i just to make sure. im a little ocd about things like that. but no i dont have a manual. i didnt check the coolant passage but i will now though. when i had the motor out i checked the fuel and oil lines and they all seemed fine and not dry or cracked at all.

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    the manual would show where the bleed screw is for the oil pump and how to bleed it, but if you can find the bleed screw and open it while its running @ 1 minute it will purge any air and show if its working as oil will be seen while its open.

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    The bleeder screw removes air from the pump, but doesn't do anything for the lines between the pump and carbs. I wouldn't bleed it with the engine running.

    You don't have to pull everything back apart, just remove the two screws that hold on the oil pump. No big deal.

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