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    2006 STX-12f smoke and oil out exhaust and in air box

    Prowd new owner of a 06 stx-12f that has some troubles - getting oil in the airbox as well as out the exhaust. Already tore down the head and ordered new valve seals and necessary gaskets, should be here next week. I also cleaned and lapped the valves as the seats looked rough and the valve seals seemed pretty hard to me. The pistons and cyl walls look great as well as the cams and other parts. Any input on what could be causing this oil blow by would be much appreciated. Also I am in need of the engine manual for reassembly (torque specs on the head and cams, valve clearance procedure, etc) so if someone has a link for download or could provide PDF that would be huge.

    Just found the 15f manual online - can I use this?

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    could an overly clogged valve cover reed valve cause this? I couldnt believe how much muck was in there!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by furn1593 View Post
    could an overly clogged valve cover reed valve cause this? I couldnt believe how much muck was in there!!
    the reed will get blocked if the burning heaps of oil


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    im almost positive that this ski was suffering from oil overfill as well as lack of maint of cleaning the reed valve and in need of a valve adjustment. Everything is back together and ski is running great on the hose. I will be making sea trials on Sunday.

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    I'd bet you have it figured out. Make sure it's getting all the cooling water it should be.

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    What to check for the cooling lines? Ran it today and it was still blowing smoke over 4k rpm I tried a short burst of wot and there was a lot of smoke then it dropped a cylinder or two. It was a long put putt home at 5 mph. So I'm thinking someting in the piston or ring area let go. Need some help here. Will be compression testing shortly.

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    The 12F has high compression pistons and if you have not been using high octane fuel on hot/dry days, your engine probably have suffered piston detonation. The oil blowing out is due to crankcase oil coming up into the combustion chamber via the broken piston/rings and getting burned and going out of exhaust.
    Time to pull the head off and get some new piston(s) in. Amazingly though, sometimes the cylinder can be reused if the level of the detonation damage is minor.
    Good luck.

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    Ring land failure. Almost looks like a casting defect. Pics in my other thread. I ordered a new set of sbt pistons. Anyone ever use these, tell me about your experience with them.

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    Too late right? You already ordered. People seem to have spotty success/failure with SBT components and why not go OEM?

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    meangreen nailed it:

    And that's the point of failure. You are seeing the result of the detonation....the ring land is damaged metalurgically and therefore that's the site of the failure.
    This isn't a casting flaw!!!
    It's BURNED metal
    You would be wise to discover the WHY of this issue before putting it all back together with the parts that you were kinda-sorta advised not to buy.

    If not, keep notes and pics.....they'll make it easier the second time around

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