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    Unhappy 2005 F12-X FI Code / Problems

    Hi everyone - first time poster and occasional reader of the forums. I have a 2005 F-12X with 173 hours on it that I purchased new. Last summer at the end of the season, i started getting FI codes and random shut-offs after riding for 30+ minutes. It then would usually restart, but sometimes not and took many tries of unhooking and re-hooking up the lanyard to get it to start. When this happened, I didn't hear the fuel pump cycle so i figured that had to be my problem. Last week I replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter and during the test run it was fine, however after shutting off and re-starting it didn't want to restart - same problem. I then replaced the main relay (38580-HW1-672), Knock Sensor (30530-HW1-671), and also changed the oil at the same time. Took ski to the river and it started up fine, then died immediately and won't restart. Found that the plugs all flowed out (these plugs were 2 years old and had 30 hrs on them), so I replaced those yesterday and took it to the river again. Ran good for about 15 minutes WOT up and down the river. I putted around for a little hit then got into it again, and received FI beeps and limited to 3000 RPM. After removing lanyard and resetting ski fired up and hit 6,200 RPM right away and began surging between 5,800-6,200 RPM. I was not able to get it to throw another FI code with another 15 minutes of riding. After reading stored codes in ECU I get 9 short beeps, pause, 11 short beeps, pause, and 10 short beeps. The first code is listed as an IAT sensor, and the other 2 don't seem to have anything related to them that I can see. I have a video of the beeps here if you think i'm reading them wrong:

    I have a Macsboost module on the ski, but it has been disconnected during this to rule it out. It is also worth mentioning that there was some oil in the intake when I replaced the Knock sensor, but nothing alarming. Any idea of where I should go from from here before replacing any more parts?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Might be your ECM. Changing the main relay was a good thing. Plugs will foul out it you start it and shut it down before it warms up and exits the enrichment cycle.

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    Just wanted to update those who are interested. I replaced the IAT sensor and took it back out to the water this weekend. Ran for 10 minutes with a ton of surging 5800-6200 RPM, then threw code 45. It came back 5 additional times and then evened out to where I go an hour with no codes. Took it home and tested the Wastegate Solenoid per the quick check and got mixed results, so I am replacing that now. The wastegate itself opens and closes fine from what I see with 10PSI of air, however the housing is really rusted up, so we'll see.

    Anything else I should check?

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    Just to confirm, what is your procedure for pulling fault codes?

    That video was not displaying fault codes but simply the warning buzzer/flashing light advising of low fuel or stored fault code etc, there is a procedure for extracting fault codes

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    In the video those codes where pulled by placing a jumper wire between the green and brown wires on the diagnostic connector. From my post yesterday, the codes were pulled on the water while the ski was still running by holding down the set and mode buttons for 5 seconds and counting the long/short beeps. Do you think the stored codes are bogus or did I pull them wrong?

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