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    Stator, coil, here are the numbers, what do you think?

    Hi everyone!
    I need little bit of help.
    2004 xlt 800, 120hours, new engine since 80. I have no spark. I did search the forum and checked things that other members posted as possible problems.
    I checked start/stop switch, there is continuity, so that is good.
    I checked stator and i have good numbers on charge coil resistance ( i have 309 and specs are between 299-365 so that seems to be good). I also have good numbers on pick up coil resistance (i got 501 and specs are 446-545, so that is good too. On the lightning coil resistance i have 0.4 and specs are 0.86-1.06 so that is not good.
    I also checked ignition coil and wires, secondary coil resistance is good (21 kiloohms and specs are 14.3-30.5), however primary coil resistance is 0.04 and specs are 0.078-0.106.

    So out of all these numbers, 2 are bad, what would you say is my problem? Bad lightning coil resistance on the stator or primary coil resistance on ignition coil?

    thanks in advance!

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    there is NO STATOR on a cdi ing. It is an alternator ONLY! so the is one thing u can rule out. as u crank the engiine do u have 200 volts driving the coil? i doubt it,,,,, look for a bad temp sensor. end of exaust pipe. U should get some erro light and a beep as you crank it over

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    I do get a short beep but no error light?!
    So bad exhaust temp sensor can cause no spark?
    thank for response!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketman View Post
    as u crank the engiine do u have 200 volts driving the coil? i doubt it,,,,, look for a bad temp sensor. end of exaust pipe. U should get some erro light and a beep as you crank it over
    so, where am I supposed to measure 200 V?
    it appears that temp sensor is working.
    Only beep i hear is "volt" message and that is after long cranking, i guess battery gets drained.

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    so, $215 later (new ignition coil and wires) nothing has changed, cranking but no start. Very weak yelowish spark, thats all grrrrr. Any more ideas guys?

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    If it is not the sensors causing the spark issues then the CDI box may be the issue, do you have a buddy with a gp800 you could try another CDI?

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    How many sensor are there? I've only checked one of them, by looking at the pictures I see people call it watertemp sensor, thermoswitch or exhaust temp sensor. A bit confusing, do i have more than one of these? Mine is 2004 800xlt.

    Yes, couple of friends have waverunners, i am looking into compatibility of the cdi's.

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    There should be two sensors. High up on the exhaust there would be one near the cat if it hasnt been removed. Then lower down the exhaust twards the back of the ski will be the other, this is the water temp sensor.

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    one that i have tested is easy to see, right next to second cylinder spark plug cap. I cant find another one. Like i've stated earlier, engine has been replaced about 40 hours ago, dont know if that was removed?

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    it should be in the exhaust pipe where it goes through the partition in the hull where the electrical box is mounted. Pull the battery and box to get a closer look.

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