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    stx 1100

    Hey guys im new to the forum i have yet to buy a pwc but have rode my buddys , and will be purchasing somthing soon just not sure what yet, he owns a fxsho and a stx 1100 anyways on his 1100, i believe its a 97 when we had it out last year it ran great for maybe an hour. first it would only run around 47 or atleast thats what the speedo read, then it got to were it was showing 55, it was noticably faster and just figured that sense it was the first time out for the year it just cleared out and was getting the fesh gas,"i dont believe he got to winterize it last year." well after about an hour of riding it got to were it would only run maybe 20mph but it was bogging really bad and if you pumped the throttle it would kinda rev and if continuously pumping it, you may reach 35 with a slight hand cramp hehe... anyways we got it out of the water and took the carbs off and cleaned them and pulled the plugs and cleaned them up and it was very noticeable that the middle cylinder was getting only oil and not fuel but the other two cylinders were getting fuel fine so i would assume this is the issue but, after cleaning we rode and it ran great for about the same for an hour then it did the same thing and we put it up well, we got it out this year and free reving it was fine but in the water now it wont even clear out it just boggs down. we was thinkin rebuilding all the carbs but, im curious what you guys think the issue could be?

    thanks guys

    the stx 1100 was one of those buys were he went to look at it and, the guy wanted 2000 and he couldnt get it to start or even turn over and my buddy offered him 1200 " this wave runner was just an extra so friends have somthing to ride that dont have one yet like me" well, the guy refused 1200 so he walked away and about 20 min later he called him and said he would take 1200 well he checked the starter and it was stuck "so to say" and he lubed her up and she broke free and the stx came to live and had a good run until now and i believe that was 3 ish years ago

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    Welcome aboard, dodge4829!

    It is very common to have problems after winter storage. The biggest problem with PWCs is that people don't winterize them properly. They just park them in the back yard and forget about them. If the fuel system isn't treated with fuel stabilizer (StaBil or similar product), gum can form in the carbs, etc. Also, if the tank isn't filled, condensation will form in the tank. Ethanol in today's crappy gasoline will mix with this moisture to form a gel that plugs up everything.

    I'd suggest draining and flushing the tank, filter, and lines, as well as overhauling the carbs. Continuing to run it like it is will destroy that cylinder and get expensive quickly.

    It's also a good idea to replace the oil lines on a boat that old with polyurethane hoses. Make sure all the air is bled out of the system before running it.

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    Ya I got on him for not winterizing it, exspecially being a 2 stroke it's usually more likely to gum up. I was just checking if u guys had any other suggestions first haha but I figured rebuild the carbs, the kits are like 80$ apiece
    I just figured the first time after taking each carb apart and cleaning the issue would have went away but sense it didn't I wasn't sure if there was anything else to look at

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    I don't think the kits are that expensive for a '97, which I believe has the old style carbs. The '98 had CV carbs and they were much more expensive.

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    It could possibly be a 98 I'll have to for sure find out and get back with ya

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    I was correct it is a 97

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    We messed wit it this weekend with no luck the carbs have diaframs on the Bottoms and cylinders 1 and 3 have the vacuum pulse style pumps so, which kit will I need


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    Ok, I guess no one knows

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    get aftermarket kits for the year model, comes with fuel pump kits as well, dont have a manual get one.

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