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    Need help with fuel issue...not getting fuel to filter....diaphrams?? new to this.

    OK, just bought two Yamaha Wave venture 700's with trailer for $1300. One ski runs great!!! The other (1996 dual carb) got it to idle and if you tried to give it throttle, it crapped out. Sometimes could not even get it to start again. This happened when in the water.

    Now, took out the plugs, replaced them, and replaced the fuel filter (old one was kinda crappy). Removed all old fuel prior to running these. Now when cranking, I get no fuel to filter. Dont know if the diaphrams are not puling fuel in or is there some other known issue for this.

    Everything else seems great.

    Also, have issue where the fuel gauge (electronic one) shows empty when the tank is actually more than half full.

    Also, is there any good places online to get good parts???

    Any help is appreicated.



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    I get all my stuff from dales jet sports he carrys wsm stuff, much cheaper than factory parts. i say pull those carbs and have a look inside them. this new ethonal fuel is a m.f. Er. After about two months.

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