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    RXP X 260 2012 have cluster on without the key in the d.e.s.s post

    and also it give lots of iBR fault codes

    anyone had that drama ?? i checked the CAN and it looks fine and also checked the whole fuse box and again it all looks fine ... any chence it will be a d.e.s.s post? its only a 14 hrs ski ....


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    You can try this: Put the key on(Post)and leave it in. when the ignition is on and the ski is beeping(Not running) Dis-connect one of the battery terminals. take the key out and wait a minute. Put the terminal back on and see what happens.. Good luck.

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    I witnessed the same problem and it was the diagnostic
    Port. It was loose back by the fuse box. A loose fuse could also cause this but you mentioned you checked them

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    Yep try the diagnostics port. I've had a few with corrosion and or wet in side them

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