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    Intermittent no spark

    i have a brand new 787 short block in 96 gsx, just finished break in and it runs great. sometimes (usually when its been running and hot) u may shut it off
    for a few minutes and when you go to start it spin it for 10 seconds nothing, pull lanyard wait 30 second spine again nothing, go through the same routine
    again as soon as you hit the button BAM it starts runs good. its been like this a couple of years even back when i was running old engine. its not totally failed
    me yet but it worries me. i cant say for sure its the spark because u do have to hold throttle open while starting but what gets me is how quick it hits when
    it does start

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    seem like you have a leaking Needle and Seat in the carb..

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    Quote Originally Posted by KYHI View Post
    seem like you have a leaking Needle and Seat in the carb..
    Sounds good to me considering what i was thinking, i will check this out.

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    I have seen some ignition coils craked open and when they get hot the spark doesn't pass thru. When gets cold starts normally . Have you take them out for inspection ?

    Just my two cents.

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