Well, today a few friends and I went to have some fun on the bay/lake. Dropped in his Hurricane, and my SLT and SLH. We take off and about 30 seconds later, I have no steering. Pop the hood, reach around to find the cables threaded collar was broken in half right where is mounts to the support bracket. So I made it back to shore using my feet to steer and loaded it up.

The point of this sad story is that I needed a steering cable. This may already be posted somewhere (I did not find it), but the SL steering cable will work in an SLH. The two are identical, with three exceptions:

-The SL cable is ~10" longer.
-The SL cable uses a rubber boot on the exterior of the boat instead of 2 small rubber caps.
-The SLH cable has a protective sheath that is a few feet long.

My take on these three differences:

-The length did not cause an issue. I used the exact same routing path as I was unable to fish it down the far side to take up some of the slack. The cable is not kinked and there is no perceivable binding or additional friction due to the sharper radius bend as it makes its way up to the handlebars.
-I found that I like the rubber boot better.
-The protective sheath is nice but not necessary for the path it takes in the SLH.

If you can get the correct cable - do so. But I had this in stock and I was too cheap to spend the $140 that SBT wants for a new one.

Below you can see the broken cable...RIP.

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