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    Bad day at the lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I was out riding my 97 xp when all of a sudden it bogged down and died. After I was towed back to my trailer I pulled the plugs out and I see that both plugs gaps are closed all the way and one has metal shavings melted to it. I got home and unbolted the head and saw that both pistons are pitted. Im a diesel mechanic so Im not sure if this is something I can rebuild myself or if its best to buy a already built engine. Any help would be awsome, thanks.

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    Do you still have grey fuel lines? When was the last time you cleaned the carbs?

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    from a price stand point - it is cheaper to purchase the need parts and do the labor yourself..

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    I am by far no expert hell I hardly know what Im talking about but you should take a look at re-boring your cylinders and moving up one size in your pistons. Your ability to do this is highly dependent on your ski and engine type.

    But take a look into that.

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    My day was worse! Check my newest thread.

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    hopefully it was only my top end thats messed up, How do I know if my crankcase is bad as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rotaryfc View Post
    hopefully it was only my top end thats messed up, How do I know if my crankcase is bad as well?
    you'll have to split the cases and thoroughly inspect and clean them and the crank/CB/rotary system.

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    bet the crank is gone........

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    Are there any "how to's" on engine removal? Im gonna try and pull it out today and see what Im working with.

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    Not to hard to do.

    Disconcet the battery, Remove the air box and carbs. (5mm & 6mm allen screws) ,Disconect the fuel lines and oil lines from the engine (there are two lines) Disconect the stator plug (front of the engine ) water lines on the rear off the cylinders, also the ones on top of the head (be sure to remember position ) remove the exhaust pipe (try to take it in one piece trust me) loose the clamp on the PTO (rear shaft that goes to the impeller ) Remove the bolts from the engine mounts. That sgould be it.

    Guys correct me if wrong. Hope this helps.

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