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    2010 Ultra 260x

    A little over a week ago I posted about a local dealer having an 08 ultra lx for sale with low hours. I received several replies on the post, most saying the ski is very capable offshore but has a somewhat limited top end. Well, another local dealer that I've dealt with many times in the past recently took in a 2010 ultra 260x with only 20 hrs on it. Everything I've read on this beast states it has tremendous offshore capabilities in addition to a 65+ mph top end. Even though the 2010 is a few more bucks, I'm thinking this is the way to go. Anyone have a 2010 ultra 260x and any input is appreciated.

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    250-260 will be about the same top speed handling etc. but there are allot of little improvements on the 2010 model. I'd go that route it's a great ski if!!! It was taken care of since it was new. If its in good condition go for the 2010. FYI brand new 2010 can be had for 9600 so keep that in mind when buying

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    2010 head makes it worth the purchase, over the 08 250.

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    08 is a LX... no supercharger... so yes the 2010 would be significantly faster

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    I have a 2010 260X - you should def go for that one as opposed to the 08. quite a few better improvements, very strong/fast ski.

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