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    1991 Yamaha 650 Driveline repair need help!

    I somewhat inherited a 1991 Yamaha 650. Atleast thats what year I believe it to be. I'll attach a pic. Well she starts up and runs fine, but she wont go anywhere. It makes all kinds of noise too. We sort of tracked it down to the driveline. The shaft coming straight off the motor spins fine, then goes into that little box in the firewall and attatches? to the other shaft that runs to the prop. Well at some point in that box, it is either stripped or broken because you can start it up and hold the shaft to the prop and it wont move. You can also freely turn it with your hand when the motor is off. Is it snapped or stripped, I don't now how these 2 shafts are connected inside that box. Any help would be great! Thanks!Click image for larger version. 

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    That sure is a good lookling machine for a 91!! I don't know much about these but I would think there would be a coupler in there. Just take the box apart and see what you find.

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    my guess ,spline is stripped out ..if the safety cover is removed from the inside you can verify that the intermediate shaft is moving.. if the rubber coupler were bad, it would still turn the impeller ,just be very noisy.. you must take out the pump and housing to inspect the spline on the 2nd shaft..if this is good, then the motor must be moved forward to remove and inspect the intermediate assembly for stripped splines in the female end... if the motor runs and nothing turns there is a good chance that one half of your coupler is broke off.. Also check for broke or loose engine mounts, as this puts undue side load on the coupler...

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    I'm thinking broken coupler, i doubt the splines stripped

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