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    Correct spark plugs for 2001 Virage TXi ?

    I just got an 01 Virage TX with only 22.5 hours on it. It has been sitting for a while and I drained all the fuel and oil and want to put new plugs in as well.

    I found that one website calls for NGK BR9ES and another says NGK PZFR6H. It is the 1200cc and has the Ficht ram direct injection. From what I can tell only the TXi gets the PZFR6H plugs and the TX gets the BR plugs, but I want to confirm that.

    Also does anyone know the difference between an 01 TX and a 01 TXi. Thanks for any help

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    Arrow How to identify and differentiate between Ficht fuel injected and carburetor engines

    All Polaris 2-stroke Ficht fuel injected engines use the NGK PZFR6G spark plugs, and only those spark plugs.

    The carbureted engines use a few variations of the NGK BPR and BR series spark plugs.

    The easiest way to identify which engine type is to look at the spark plug location. If the spark plugs are pointing straight up from the center of each cylinder head then it is a carburetor engine.

    If the spark plugs are laying down at a low angle and pointing towards the flame arrester air intake cover then it is a fuel injected engine. For a fuel injected engine each cylinder head will have a fist sized fuel injector sitting right on top of each cylinder head.

    It sounds like you have a 2001 Virage TXi, even if the decal on the hull just says TX (Polaris was lazy with some of the decals).

    The engine internals are essentially the same between carburetor and fuel injected 1200 engines. The electrical, fuel and ignition systems are where most of the differences are.

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    Thanks for the help, it is the fuel injected engine, the plugs are slanted and the big injectors are right on top, but the sticker on the side says TX. What should the gap be for the new plugs. Thanks again

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